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    Caroline: Rewarding Internship Experience at Ruangguru

    By Ruangguru · Mar 24, 2017

    In early 2016, I took a macroeconomics class where my professor made a remark that I still remember until today:

    “Education is the key to sustainable growth.”

    While the government can pull the levers on fiscal and monetary policies to grow the economy in the short term, quality education can bear talents who then become valuable workforce that is able to create value for the economy in the long term. I remember upon hearing his explanation, my mind instantly went back to home, to Indonesia, where economic development is constantly a major concern. Could it be that improving education in Indonesia is the answer we have been looking for?

    I felt the urge to look for the answer and fortunately, I came across Ruangguru. I was drawn to its mission of leveraging technology to increase the quality of education in Indonesia. It felt like a perfect match and I landed an internship for the summer.

    I came to Ruangguru at a time when the company was developing new products and expanding to all corners of Indonesia. With many different things going on, the work was fast-paced and dynamic, challenging yet rewarding. I learned to keep an open mind to changes and think quick on my feet. My main role was to conduct analysis on various business and usability aspects that went into the development of new products. I had to make several presentations to the C-level executives and senior management and I was amazed at how they truly cared about my work. They helped to point me in the right direction and were always available to answer my questions. Even only as an intern, I felt that I was treated as one of their own.

    I was also fortunate to work directly with the C-level executives, so I had the chance to be involved in a variety of projects and obtain a big-picture understanding of the company. I witnessed my fellow interns worked side by side with a team of teachers in assisting students in their studies through making constant improvements on Ruangguru’s products. Meanwhile, another group of fellow interns flew to all corners of Indonesia to make learning more accessible for students by implementing Ruangguru’s technology. The amount of hard work being put by these young people at Ruangguru was a sight to see.

    At the end of my internship, I revisited the question that drew me to Ruangguru in the first place. By improving education quality, did the economy get better? I learned that the answer was not something I could find within a three-month internship, but I became hopeful. After meeting the dedicated young people at Ruangguru who are working towards a better education for Indonesia, I think down the road we may have a chance.


    This post was written by Caroline Carliang. Caroline interned at Ruangguru as a CEO analyst in Summer 2016. She is currently an undergraduate studying business administration and web development at University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. On campus, she volunteers in tutoring local elementary students and is actively involved in various leadership positions.

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